Akadimya Group AKadimya Group The Next Wave .. A global organization focusing on the “Future”. Akadimya Group attempts to answer the question of what is “The Next Wave” in knowledge and its impact on five distinct areas of human development. View Details Education Development Education Development Education is not only offering individuals with knowledge or skills. It is envisioned to empower future generations with wisdom and the ability to “Master Success” VIEW DETAILS Trending Technologies Trending Technologies VIEW DETAILS Technology is not only shaping our working and living environment. It is reshaping our minds. With faster change and progress, the impact of trending technologies on our future will be significant New Media New Media & Social Media 42% of the world in 2019 is using one of the new and social media outlets, and this percentage is growing daily. New media will impact our lives and our relation to the world VIEW DETAILS Economic Growth Economic Progress The world is still in dire need to improve living standards. When people are living in poverty, their basic human needs and rights are at risk. Balanced economic progress is needed for a better human conditions globally VIEW DETAILS Social Change Social Changes Our climate, food insecurity, water shortages, are some of the key issues of tomorrow. The need for a global social change is required for a peaceful and stable world. Everyone can contribute VIEW DETAILS
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